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About The Practice

Bring A Great Attitude!

Please arrive 5 minutes before class begins. Please bring a water bottle to class and remember to stay hydrated. Dress in loose, comfortable clothing. Wearing layers can help keep you comfortable, should you get warmer or cooler. We invite you to come as you are: There is no need to be “fit” or “flexible” to benefit from yoga, or to wear any particular brand/style of clothing. Classes are designed meet the needs of each individual student. Our non-competitive environment will make you feel right at home: whatever shape, size, or age you are. The studio provides yoga mats, straps, blocks, pillows, and towels.


Remove shoes upon entering. Yoga is best practiced barefoot, so be prepared to remove your shoes - and socks - upon entry.

Cell phones are not allowed inside the studio. Please allow yourself to “unplug” while you are here, by turning your phone off entirely. (For special or emergency circumstances, please speak with the teacher before class.)

Mention any injuries or special conditions to the teacher at the beginning of class so he or she can better guide you.

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