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Studio Principles

Radical Inclusivity

Classes are open to all, regardless of race, religion, gender, ethnicity, or body type. All classes are offered in English, with teachers who can provide Hebrew or Spanish translation. More languages in our studio are a powerful builder of community and an international, welcoming feeling.


OR Yoga is more than just a studio: we are a community. People come to interact, meet and make friends, and practice in a positive and happy space. We support each other both in and outside of the studio in leading happier, healthier and more abundant lives.


OR Yoga is immaculately clean. We use natural, organic products to clean our equipment and space: safe for you and the planet. We spray and wipe down mats after every class and mats are washed on a regular basis.

Healthy Living

We are a center of healthy living, encouraging healthy choices and supporting each other through community. Through clean and nutritious food, minimalism, environmentalism and sustainability, we focus on all forms of natural and healthy self-care.

Zero Waste

Equipment at OR Yoga is made either from recycled/recyclable materials, biodegradable materials, or both. Our equipment (mats, straps, blocks, towels) are all top grade. We do not produce waste or sell products that harm the environment.


Social Change

OR Yoga aims to be a vehicle for social change: in Jerusalem and beyond. We support and partner with like-minded organizations, working together toward a better present and future.



We believe that the energy of yoga is different and therefore, needs to be honored. Our studio space is dedicated solely to yoga.


Yoga is for everyone. Through mindful and reasonable pricing, everyone is able to afford classes. No one will be turned away from classes. If you are facing financial difficulties, please be in touch with us directly.

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OR Yoga
HaPalmach 64 - Apartment 1 
Ground Floor
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