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Hatha classes are traditional yoga classes that aim to open the body, release tension and explore the movement in the entire body. In this class we place emphasis on posture and breathing, focus and flexibility to create a balance between peaceful thought and an active body.
Difficulty level: Medium
Pace: Medium


Vinyasa yoga classes offer strong, intense moving flows that cultivate balance, stability, flexibility, and vigor. Breath awareness and coordination are carried throughout the practice.
Difficulty level: High/Advanced

Pace: Fast

Soft Yoga

These classes are quiet and meditative. We will use relaxation techniques in each position to work on the connection between body, mind and consciousness. During the lesson the teachers are attentive to each practitioner and can make adjustments in the practice using accessories, different variations of postures and mindfulness.

Difficulty level: Easy/Beginner

Pace: Slow


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