OR Yoga Studio Classes


Power Vinyasa & Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa yoga classes offer strong, intense moving flows that cultivate balance, stability, flexibility, and vigor. Breath awareness and coordination are carried throughout the practice.

Level of difficulty: 

Pace: Fast

Hatha & Yoga with Desi

Hatha yoga offers a slower, traditional class designed to open your body, release tension, and explore movement throughout your whole system. This class incorporates holding of postures, breath work, focus, and flexibility to create a balance between a calm mind and a mobile body. "Yoga with Desi" is a more challenging practice, giving space to creativity.

Level of difficulty: 

Pace: Medium

Soft Yoga & Chair Yoga

Soft yoga classes are quiet, meditative practices. This class uses relaxation techniques within each posture to target the body-mind-soul connection. This practice can be tailored to each unique practitioner with the use of props, modified poses, and mindfulness. 

Level of difficulty: 

Pace: Slow

Prenatal Yoga

Discover the physical and mental benefits of yoga during pregnancy, which postures are safe while pregnant, and connect with other mothers to be. Dedicate time for yourself - and your baby.

Level of difficulty: Tailored to the group.

Pace: Slow

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